Save Big With The Origin EA Publisher Sale

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Save Big With The Origin EA Publisher Sale
Everyone likes a good sale and I for one took full advantage of the Origin EA Publisher Sale for both my PC and for my Xbox One. Now the sale has been on for a few days, however there is still time to save big on some really awesome games before the sale ends. With up to 75% off of selected titles, it is hard to say no to games that used to be too expensive to occasionally play.


The biggest highlights so far include some older titles, but also of course great new titles such as Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

Battlefield 1:
You can pick up Battlefield 1 for $29.99, which is half the usual price and quite a big saving for the latest Battlefield title. If the standard version is too vanilla for you, then you can look at the Deluxe Edition for $39.99. However, there is no real point in getting the Deluxe Edition as it only contains a few extra skins and 5 extra Battlepacks. If you want to play the new Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass, then the best bet is to get the Premium Pass and Deluxe Edition bundle for $49.99. Now this is still not cheap as you need to have Battlefield 1 already, however the Premium Pass does give you a handful of Battlepacks, the Deluxe Edition content, early access to the DLCs, priority queuing and of course all the DLC’s free of charge.

Battlefield 1

Titanfall 2:
Titanfall 2 can be had for $23.99 and while I only played it briefly on my Xbox One, I can say it is quite a fun game to play, however it didn’t make it into my cart this time round. There is also the Deluxe Edition for $31.99, which will give you exclusive Warpaints and Callsigns. Or you can save big and get both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition for $49.99, now that is a massive saving.

Titanfall 2

Mass Effect 3:
It has been quite a while since I last played Mass Effect 3, yet I still have fond memories of playing this game. The Standard Edition is on sale for a mere $4.99 or you can get the N7 Deluxe Edition which includes the From Ashes DLC for $9.99. The Deluxe Edition also features a Limited Edition Mass Effect Digital Comic by Dark Horse Comics.

Mass Effect 3

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:
I have never actually played this title, however I have heard great things about it and I know my old roommate spent quite a bit of time playing this game. If you weren’t sure about the game and didn’t want to spend the $29.99 to find out if you might like it, then you can now pick it up for $9.99 on sale.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Battlefield 4:
This is another one of the titles in the sale that I was excited about. You can pick up the standard version for $4.99 or you can pick up the Deluxe Edition for $7.49. The Deluxe Edition offers you a 3 Battlepacks and the China Rising DLC along with the 3 Operations DLCs. I managed to pick up the Premium for $15.99 as I only had the Deluxe Edition, however, I could only find it for $49.99 later when I checked on a friend’s Origin account.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 3:
Sure, Battlefield 3 is a bit old now, however there are still people playing it online as it still has quite a sizable following. You can pick up the Premium Edition for $14.99 or if you already own the game, then you can buy Battlefield 3 Premium for $9.99. Either way they are both great deals and well worth the money.

Battlefield 3

Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection:
This is one of my favorite game franchises ever, I still occasionally play Generals and Zero Hour when I need some down time from playing Battlefield or Overwatch. You can pick up this 17 game collection for $7.49, which is a great deal for this classic collection of games.

Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection


While there are loads of worthy titles in the Origin EA Publisher Sale, these were the games that stood out the most in my opinion. Sure, Star Wars Battlefront is also on sale, but personally I regret buying this game when it came out and I have not redownloaded it on my new machine. If you really want to push your frame rates, then have a look at the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti which officially launched on the 6 March 2017. If you are looking at upgrading your setup, then head over to our best gaming guide or our more budget friendly cheap gaming guide where you might find a suitable upgrade to play these great titles.

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