Imitating Reality With Project Ariana

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Imitating Reality With Project Ariana

Introducing Project Ariana

If you followed CES 2017 then you might have picked up on one of Razer’s latest projects that will take desktop gaming and VR-ready gaming PCs to a whole new level. No, we are not talking about a VR experience, as far as we are concerned VR is not quite there yet despite the support from the hardware side. We are talking about Project Ariana, a projector that creates a hyper immersive environment for the ultimate gaming experience at home.

So what exactly is Project Ariana?

Well, as mentioned before, Project Ariana is a projector that is part of Razer’s Chroma series and it will change the way that we game for some time to come. While some people are already using multiple monitors or extra wide curved monitors, Project Ariana promises to improve on this by allowing your entire wall to become a display. Now, you might be thinking that this is not any different to how projectors work at the moment, but you would be wrong. This neat bit of kit features two depth of field cameras that will allow you to simply point the projector at your monitor and it will detect the edges of your display and expand your field of view. This will instantly take you from gaming on your monitor to gaming on something that feels more like the real world. I can only imagine how awesome it will be to play Battlefield 1 with a huge field of view instead of on my 27-inch gaming monitor.

Project Ariana

Intelligent room calibration

If you have ever used a projector for gaming or even to watch your favourite movie, then you would have encountered the issue of things getting in the way of your viewing experience. While in the past we would make sure that the area in front of the projector was clear of all obstructions, Razer has developed a system that takes care of this problem.

“The only projector that automatically adapts the projection to the size and dimensions of your room, Project Ariana uses a pair of 3D cameras together with a custom calibration software to automatically detect your monitor and environmental factors such as furniture and room lighting, to provide you with the perfect display for your room.”

From the videos and the pictures that we have seen online, it would seem that Razer have created the perfect solution.

Project Ariana

Intelligent lighting

Furthermore, Project Ariana offers something very unique which I have never seen when it comes to gaming and that is the lighting effects.

“In the context of a super controlled demo at CES, Razer’s Project Ariana worked tremendously well. In this particular case, it was tied directly into an array of Philips Hue lights and Chroma products around the room, so every time your character in the game passed by a light in the room it would flicker like firelight. And when the character goes into rage mode, it wasn’t just the screen going red, but every single light source in the room.” Alex Cranz from Gizmodo

Final words

Will this deal a massive blow for VR? Well, we will have to wait and see as Project Ariana is still at least a year away from hitting the market. Razer is hoping to release it at the end of 2017 and if anyone can push a product like this into production, then Razer is the company to do it. We also have no idea what the pricing will be as Razer has been very hush hush about this aspect. However, if this projector will be priced at under $600, then this will give VR headsets a run for their money. If not, then it will just be another cool gadget that is priced out of most gamers price range and it will make very little difference to the world of VR.

If you want to be kept in the loop, then head over to the official Project Ariana landing page and sign up to learn more about this amazing product.

Project Ariana

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